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In Memory of Maria Sue Chapman (May 11, 2003-May 21, 2008)

I think my heart came right up to my throat when I heard the news about Steven Curtis Chapman's youngest daughter, Maria being killed in the driveway of their very own home by her older brother driving an SUV. Maria was the youngest of the three adopted daughters from China. The Chapmans have been very active in helping folks all over the country to get involved in adopting orphaned children and babies.

I can't begin to imagine the hurt and pain and suffering that is going on in that family right now. I pray that that young man finds peace in his life and learns to forgive himself someday. It was just a tragic accident but I think that we should use this as a reminder in a couple of different ways. One is that we should never take our children for granted nor take life for granted. Life is so short and so precious that we should take every moment of each day as a blessing from God Almighty and do things out of love as Jesus would have. The second thing is that we need to be much more mindful and careful of our children's safety at all times. I don't think you can ever be too cautious with the safety of your own children.

I urge all of you who read this to continue to pray for the Chapman family. Little Maria is in the loving arms of Jesus now but for those of us who have to stay behind in this world, let us all hug and kiss our own kids and cherish each moment with them. May God bless, comfort, and heal the Chapman family and lift them up out of this devastating time so that they may once again praise all that is glorious in our Lord. Amen.