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I know there are lots of personal blogs out there that try to impress and deliver content just for the sake of putting something out there. This blog isn't like that. I won't try to impress you because I have no need to impress you. This is a place where I say my peace whether that opinion is popular or not. Having said that, feel free to read and chime in. I expect your responses, however, to be respectful, engaging, and thoughtful both to me and to others.

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One Solitary Life

One Solitary Life

I think that this short narrative description of Jesus is such a powerful testament to his legacy. It's without question that historically, there was a Jesus Christ and that he did perform remarkable things. From a historian's standpoint, it's indisputable. What's disputed in this world is what significance this One Solitary Life had on the rest of the world. If you are not Christian, then you believe in other perspectives like "Jesus of Nazareth was a prophet" or "Jesus Christ was a wise preacher and teacher". If you're a Christian however, there is only thing that you believe with all of your heart and faith and soul: Jesus Christ was and is the Son of God Himself. He was God made into flesh (thus the name Emmanuel or "God with us") and was born on Christmas Day to a teenage virgin girl and a young carpenter boy in a manger outside of Bethlehem.

This is no mere prophet. This is no mere teacher or preacher (although He did those things). This is Christ the King. Hosanna in the highest now walking the earth. He came for one purpose...to redeem and save the sinful nature of mankind. God loved us all so much that He said, "I would rather trade in my Son to die a wretched and horrible death, rather than to lose you to an eternity of hell". This is the God that I know and this is the Jesus that I know.

So on this Christmas of 2009 in the Year of Our Lord, let us not let the commercialism of the season overtake the real "reason for the season". Let us remember that on this day 2009 years ago, there was a baby born. A baby that would alter the course of human history forever. A child who was born for one reason: to die for us like a trampled rose.

Merry Christmas to all of my Christian Brothers and Sisters. And to all non-Christians, I ask that you look into your heart as you read this and search. Search for why you have not accepted Jesus as your personal savior and Messiah. You will only have but so many chances in your life to awaken to this fact. Why not now? Why not know for sure that you will have a rightful place next to God....that you will see your loved ones again in a place so grand, no words can describe. All you have to do is pray this prayer right now:

"Holy and loving Father God. I know that you sent your precious Son Jesus Christ to die for me and for my sinful ways. Lord I thank you for loving me so much and I ask that right now, you take my surrendered life and broken heart. I come to you seeking salvation in your Son Jesus Christ and ask that you turn my life around. Change me, Father and let me accept Christ completely and permanently into my heart and life so that I may someday see your face and your glory. Lord I pray this in your Son's precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen".

If you just prayed this prayer (earnestly and with full commitment) congratulations! I welcome you into a New Life....for you are a New Creation!

Thank you. May your days be blessed and may your walk always be with Christ Jesus our Lord.