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Barack Obama--44th President of The United States of America

This week, the voice of the American people was heard loud and clear as voters turned out in record numbers to elect Barack Hussein Obama our 44th President of these United States. November 4th was especially significant because this is our nation's first African-American President. (I never really understood that though since he's half black....should that distinction really go to him then?).....be that as it may, this has been a very historic week.

On a personal note, I loved having the opportunity to tell all of these ridiculously stiff-upper-lipped Republicans where to shove their McCain/Palin '08 bumper stickers. Now, don't get me wrong, there's a lot about the veritude and platform of the Republican Party that I actually agree with. I believe in being fiscally conservative, lower taxes and less government. I also believe strongly from a Christian standpoint in Pro-Life, the sanctity of Marriage as one man to one woman (yes, I voted "YES" on Prop 8 and I'm proud of it), and many other values that I hold dear to my heart. Having said that....it was time for not only change...but sweeping change. Eight dreaded and horrendously long Bush administration years later, this nation is weaker than it has ever been with regard to National Security and there is so much dissention in our society that we needed someone who will bring us harmony. I believe that man is Barack Obama.

I DO NOT think that President-Elect Obama is the key to everything. I don't think he's perfect and I know like every other human being, he is flawed in some way or another. But I think after seeing (outgoing) George W. Bush in his pilot's uniform with thumbs up saying "Mission Accomplished", after seeing countless military coffins being flown back to Dover AFB, and seeing the lying, contemptuous faces of Dick Cheney and Karl Rove for eight miserable years....this nation needs inspiration and true leadership. And that means NOT voting Republican. In fact, unless there is a strong (TRUE) Christian Republican leader in the future who holds values that are simliar to mine, the Democratic Party has my vote for life.

With home foreclosures on the rise, with people losing jobs and our unemployment rate the highest it's been in 15 years, our deficit rising, and that ridiculous $700 billion bail-out to greedy Wall Street firms to "save someone's ass", I am disgusted with the Republican party and hope that the Democrats stay in control for as long as they can. I need to remind you though, that I don't hate the Republicans....I know many good and decent Republicans at work, at school, at church, and all around me. But the delusional message that Bush has been sending out has brainwashed millions......minus one. I for one, believe in the power of this great nation of people under Almighty God.....and I truly hope (and want) for that God-chosen leader to be Obama.

May President Obama lead us out of this difficult time, may the country honor the decision that its voters have made, and may we move forward in peace, harmony and strong conviction. God bless America and may God help and support our new President.

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