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Russian Submarine Accident--20 Sailors Die

What pisses me off about stuff like this....and I mean really makes me mad....is that I remember the incident in 2000. I felt helpless as those sailors with each passing minute had less and less air to breathe. I don't care what country they're from...they're men in uniform trying to serve their country and displaying courage and patriotism and they DON'T deserve to die like this...whether now or in 2000.

I'm so angry from reading this because each life holds significance in this world. Each life is God-made....and governments could care less. To government, it's 20 people who died (a rather insignificant, "coulda-been-a-whole-lot-worse" number) and they don't see that they were family men: sons, brothers, husbands, fathers.

I'm sorry I'm writing about something so "downer". I agree that when it's our time to go, it's our time to go. For those of us who believe in our Creator and our Savior, then that time tends to go a little easier and with more comfort. But to die like this is a waste and a crisply-folded flag to your widow or your mother and for them to hear the words, "He was a true patriot" doesn't ease the pain. May God have mercy on the souls of these men and give comfort to their families. Amen.

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