Why I Love the Color Orange

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Why Orange is My Favorite Color

I'm up late as my wife and I were up watching the late broadcast of the Olympic Figure Skating Championship where we saw Kim Yu Na win gold. Yea!~

Okay, but that's not why I'm here right now. I actually wanted to talk about something that's near and dear to my heart. Something that, no matter how bad a day I have, always seems to lift my spirits just at the very sight of it. What I'm referring to, unbeknownst to you is my favorite color: ORANGE.

Orange? Who in the world likes the color orange as their favorite color? Me, that's who. I have always loved orange. Ever since I can remember at the age of four living in Philadelphia, we used to have those little colored magnetic letters and numbers that go on the fridge...and my favorite were the orange pieces. I also loved orange flavored Pez as a little tike and then later on, orange flavored Gatorade and orange-flavored gum, and so on and so forth.

There's just something about the color that brightens my soul. However, I don't like all shades and hues of orange equally. My favorite orange is the brighter orange as evidenced on the Philadelphia Flyers' uniforms or even the Syracuse Orangemen shade of orange. In California, I think they call it CalTrans orange but I prefer to call it HomeDepot orange. (although there's a slight difference between the two actually...HomeDepot Orange is actually brighter).

So...Flyers orange, Syracuse Orange....the kind of orange that's so bright it almost has a reddish hue to it. I think they call it Flame Orange or even Red Orange sometimes. That's the kind of orange that makes my heart pitter patter. However, I also love the kind of orange that's vintage looking as seen in this awesome metallic-orange Jeep Wrangler I pass on my way to work every morning. There's something about that metallic-rust orange that makes me happy too. I think it's because I had a favorite Matchbox car that color. I also happen to like just plain orange. The orange that's neither too light or too dark or too bright. I call that In-Between Orange or Middle Orange and that suits me just fine too!

What I'm not that big a fan of is light orange...that pale almost luminescent orange that you don't see that often except maybe on a Texas Longhorn hat or shirt. I'm not as big of a fan of that orange but I also don't dislike it either. So Texas Longhorn Orange, not good. FedEx, HomeDepot, Philadelphia Flyers and Syracuse Orangemen Orange, very good. I hope that makes sense.

So where is all this going and who cares whether or not I like orange this much? Well, you're right. Maybe nobody cares that I do but I'm just so excited even talking about orange. Many of my t-shirts, henly shirts and even a dress shirt is orange. My office has loads of orange there from orange binders to orange picture frames and of course, orange pens courtesy of Office Depot's Foray brand. Even the logo for my executive search/healthcare recruiting business, Servane Cross has orange in it not to mention all the stationery, brochures etc. In fact, I like to call that version of the color, Servane Cross Orange.

There are lots of things that make people happy. Sometimes it's a sports team or a music group or band. For others it's watching CSPAN all weekend long. For this humble soul, it's wearing, looking at, or somehow using the color orange. Aren't simple pleasures grand?

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